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Green Smoothie Benefits That You Can Get From It Everyday

Best as a morning ritual, consuming green smoothies regularly can have dramatic health benefits, increase energy levels and help maintain balance in your body and mind.

This article will take you through the benefits of adding a nutritious glass of smoothie to your daily food consumption and will give you reasons why green smoothie will help you reach your goal, whether that is to lose weight, switch to a healthier diet, heighten immune system or improving your overall health. paragraph text here.

We all know that eating greens is healthy, but chewing them releases only a limited amount of nutrition. Properly blended smoothies can granulate the smoothie ingredients down to the tiniest particles, assisting your body to absorb more of the valuable minerals and vitamins.

Detox and Diet

Making fresh juice can be delicious, but it is also expensive, messy, and requires more costly equipment that is usually time-consuming to clean-up. This can put people off from taking fresh nutrients every day.

Some people prefer to go with Shakeology as a part of their plan, but if we look carefully, the cost for this approach is not even cheaper than make your own juice or smoothie. That is why many people are looking cheaper alternatives to shakeology so they can catch their diet expenses.

Smoothies on the other hand, are less messy and easier to make. You only need a blender, fresh fruit and greens, and water or ice. As opposed to juices, another benefit of smoothies is that they keep the fiber from fruits and green leafs intact. Fiber is important for healthy digestive system and its regular consumption keeps your bowels in a good working order. Fiber also aids in dealing with toxins and many people who drink green smoothies daily report to have clearer, more radiant skin.

Green Smoothie Benefits

Green smoothies also play a role in conveniently letting you consume dark leafy greens without tasting them. This is a good way to make your kids eat their greens. Start by using more fruits than greens to keep the fruity flavours unaffected. After they have sampled the drink a few times, increase the percentage of greens as they get used to the habit of drinking their smoothies.

Another benefit of green smoothies is their ability to help you lose weight without starving. It is effective, as after a few weeks of drinking green smoothies, it programs your body to crave less for junk food, and promotes the need for consuming fresher, healthier foods.

It is important to distinguish using vegetables from green leafs. Most vegetables are high in starch: broccoli, carrots, zucchini, beans, peas, and others. It is not recommended to mix fruit with starchy vegetables as this may cause bloating, which in turn may cause increased stomach growling and in some cases abdominal pain. We thus recommend using fresh, organic leafy greens instead. 

We also highly recommend using seasonal fruit and greens, as they taste better and will be less expensive on the pocket. However, this is not a rule, and there is virtually no combination of fruits and greens that should be avoided. It all comes down to personal preference. This means that one can be creative and experiment with all kinds of ingredients that come in their way.

For some guidelines, assistant professor Dr. Kristi Crowe-White at the University of Alabama recommends mixing spinach, kale, celery, parsley, mixed with green apples and kiwi into smoothies. She encourages blending in more percentage of greens than fruits for optimal results, this way your smoothie will be rich in antioxidants and low in sugars. Again, this is only optional, and would probably be the best option for adults who can handle a bit more herbaceous taste in their smoothie.

Most leafy greens are rich in chlorophyll, which according to some natural health experts, enhances the immune system. Chlorophyll also promotes hormonal balance and has deodorizing and detoxifying qualities. Certain studies concluded that compounds containing chlorophyll can aid in suppressing hunger, which further may contribute to reduced weight. In addition, it is known for its healing effects and cleansing qualities. Reference

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, green smoothies are easy to make, easy to clean up, are super healthy and taste delicious. They help you consume more fruits and veggies without knowing it and are incredibly beneficial for your health. Healthy diet provides mind clarity too. You may find yourself more calm, less anxious and energized during the day. Whenever you happen to try out your first green smoothie, you will be surprised how the fruit flavours mask those of vegetables and greens, making the drink tasty without you having to add any additional flavoring.

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